Syncopated Systems ® Timing is everything.™

Nothing costs more than delaying the introduction of a great new product:

  • Operating costs aren't offset by new revenue...
  • Potential revenue is lost to competitors and new technology...
  • Your brand and market credibility crumble with each passing day...

How can you release the best product the fastest? Don't be late... Syncopate!

syn·co·pate (pronounced /'sin-kə-.pāt/verb : to cut short by striking, as in linguistics or music

Syncopated Systems provides top-tier outsourced technical and managerial consulting and implementation services, specializing in the development of cutting-edge computerized industrial and consumer products with advanced audiovisual interfaces. Syncopated Systems serves clients throughout North America.

Core Competencies

Syncopated Systems specializes in circuit, forensic and failure analysis and comprehensive development of concepts into complete marketable products, including:

  1. Design and implementation of:
    • Hardware: Circuits, PLDs, PCBs, networks; rapid prototype construction, cost reduction
    • Software: Application-specific, database processing, cross-platform, embedded ("firmware")
    • Databases and other user and/or data interfaces
    • Documents: Printed, computer-based, including stand-alone, networked ("on-line"), and World-Wide Web publishing with 100% standards compliance—maximizing the size of audience reached (beyond >90% of Web publishers)—while minimizing and nearly eliminating reception of e-mail "Spam"
  2. Validation and verification testing and remediation ("debugging")
  3. Regulatory compliance testing and certification (for conducted and radiated emissions, safety, etc.)
  4. Manufacturing supervision and support

Why Outsource?

Benefits of outsourcing include:

  • More revenue, faster: Hiring experts yields better decisions, thus better products and shorter time-to-market.
  • No employment costs for recruitment, retention or severance
  • Agility: Access different areas of expertise as business needs change, buying only as much service when and as needed.

Syncopated Advantages

Syncopated Systems provides these additional benefits:

  • Best value: Syncopated provides greater expertise at competitive market rates.
  • Costs decrease: Syncopated increases your efficiency and offers progressively-lower tiered rates for analysis, implementation, and support.
  • Zero liability: Syncopated strictly adheres to the National Society of Professional Engineers's Code of Ethics—assuring that all deliverable products are "work for hire" and unencumbered by any material conflicts of interests, conflicts of ownership, errors or omissions—and will continue to protect your interests (such as trade secrets) into perpetuity.

Syncopated Systems chief John R. Carlsen is a hands-on manager, analyst and developer who:

  • has 25 years of professional experience and college education—having earned 7 degrees in disciplines including business administration, business management, computer science and technical communication—and has taught computer science and game development at the college level
  • contributed to personal computer innovations including optical disc drive, high-quality audio, and television adapters
  • often improves performance and efficiency by at least 10 times

Free No-Risk Evaluation

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